The following themes and organisers for minisymposia are confirmed at this stage. Thanks to all minisymposium organisers.

  1. Graph spectra Domingos Cardoso, Claudia Justel and Renata del Vecchio
  2. Spectral properties of non-negative matrices Carlos Marijuán and Pietro Paparella
  3. Copositive and completely positive matrices and related topics Avi Berman, Mirjam Dür and Naomi Shaked-Monderer
  4. Mathematics of quantum information Rupert Levene and Ivan Todorov.
  5. Combinatorial matrix theory Jane Breen and Roberto Canogar
  6. The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for graphs Jephian Lin and Polona Oblak.
  7. General preservers Lajos Molnár
  8. Distance matrices of graphs Projesh Nath Choudhury and Apoorva Khare.
  9. Linear algebra education Anthony Cronin and Sepideh Stewart.
  10. Numerical linear algebra for PDEs. Niall Madden.
  11. The Research and Legacy of Richard A. Brualdi Adam Berliner, Louis Deaett and Seth Meyer
  12. Matrix positivity: theory and applications Alexander Belton and Dominique Guillot.
  13. Rigidity and matrix completion James Cruickshank and Derek Kitson.
  14. History of Linear Algebra. Kirk Soodhalter and Jörg Liesen.
  15. Companion Matrix Forms. Fernando de Terán and Kevin Vander Meulen.
  16. Riordan Arrays and Related Topics. Paul Barry, Gi-Sang Cheon and Tian-Xiao He.
  17. Linear Algebra for Designs and Codes, Ronan Egan, Ilias Kotsireas, Padraig Ó Catháin and Eric Swartz.
  18. Kemeny’s constant on networks and its application Ángeles Carmona, Maria Jose Jimenez and Margarida Mitjana.
  19. Generalized inverses, operator matrices and tensor equations Dragana Cvetkovic Ilic, Yimin Wei and Qing Wen Wang.
  20. Special Matrices Natália Bebiano, Susana Furtado and Mikail Tyaglov.
  21. Tensors for signals and systems Kim Batselier, Philippe Dreesen and Bori Hunyadi.
  22. Coding Theory and Linear Algebra over Finite Fields Eimear Byrne, Alberto Ravagnani and John Sheekey.