Organisers: Domingos Cardoso, Claudia Justel and Renata del Vecchio

Theme:Spectral graph Theory (SGT) is nowadays a strong research mathematical field relating Linear Algebra with Graph Theory. Many combinatorial properties of graphs can be deduced from the study of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices that represent them and the converse is also true. On the other hand, its application to problems in Chemistry, Computer Science, Operational Research and Combinatorial Optimization has been intensive with valuable results. Although the SGT beginnings were in Chemistry applications (interpreting the molecular graph eigenvalues), more recently, several new areas, such as quantum physics and communication networks, model their problems by SGT parameters.

This minisymposium will bring together a group of researchers that will present their recent contributions to the area, allowing to establish the general framework of problems addressed in SGT as well as new directions and open problems.

Tentative Speaker List