Organiser: Niall Madden

Theme: This mini-symposium will feature takes on varied topics broadly related to linear and nonlinear solvers for problems arising form the discretization of PDEs. As such, it will include elements of both theoretical and applied numerical linear algebra. 

Expected Speakers:

  • Xiao-Chuan Cai (Colerado),
  • Patrick Farrell (Oxford),
  • Daniel Osei (LLNL),
  • Davide Palitta (Magdeburg),
  • Jennifer Pestana (Strathclyde),
  • John Pearson (Edinburgh),
  • Alison Ramage (Strathclyde),
  • Yousef Saad (Minnesota),
  • Marcus Sarkis (WPI),
  • Daniel Szyld (Temple),
  • Michael Wathen (RAL).