Organiser: Niall Madden

Theme: This mini-symposium will feature takes on varied topics broadly related to linear and nonlinear solvers for problems arising form the discretization of PDEs. As such, it will include elements of bo`th theoretical and applied numerical linear algebra. 

Speaker List

  • Siobhán Correnty (KTH).     Flexible infinite GMRES for parameterized linear systems
  • Patrick Farrell (Oxford).     A scalable and robust vertex-star relaxation for high-order FEM
  • V.A. Kandappan (Madras)    A Domain Decomposition based preconditioner for Discretised Integral equations in two dimensions
  • Conor McCoid (Geneva)     Extrapolation methods as nonlinear Krylov methods.
  • Niall Madden (Galway)     A boundary-layer preconditioner for singularly perturbed convection diffusion problems.
  • Michel Outrata (Geneva)     Preconditioning the Stage Equations of Implicit Runge Kutta Methods
  • Davide Palitta (Bologna)     Matrix equation techniques for certain evolutionary partial differential equations
  • John Pearson (Edinburgh)     Preconditioned iterative methods for multiple saddle-point systems arising from PDE-constrained optimization
  • Kirk Soodhalter (Dublin)     Analysis of block GMRES using a $^\ast$-algebra-based approach
  • Daniel Szyld (Temple)     Provable convergence rate for asynchronous methods via randomize linear algebra