Organisers: Alexander Belton (Lancaster University) and Dominique Guillot (University of Delaware)

Summary of the theme: Matrix positivity, or positive semidefiniteness, is one of the most wide-reaching concepts in mathematics, old and new. Positivity of a matrix is as natural as positivity of mass in statics or positivity of a probability distribution. It is a notion which has attracted the attention of many great minds. Yet, after at least two centuries of research, positive matrices still hide enigmas and raise challenges for the working mathematician. The vitality of matrix positivity comes from its breadth, having many theoretical facets and also deep links to mathematical modelling. The speakers in this minisymposium work on various aspects of this subject, both pure and applied.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Shaun Fallat (University of Regina)
  • Tanvi Jain (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi)
  • Mika Mattila (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
  • Azita Mayeli (City University of New York)
  • James Pascoe (University of Florida)
  • Tin-Yau Tam (University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Prateek Kumar Vishwakarma (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
  • Hugo J. Woerdeman (Drexel University)
  • Fuzhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern University)