Organiser: James Cruickshank

Theme: Geometric rigidity theory is concerned with the rigidity of structures which are defined by geometric constraints (fixed lengths, fixed areas, fixed directions, etc.) on a set of rigid objects (points, line segments, polygons, etc.). It is an area that draws on wide range of mathematical techniques, including matrix theory (e.g. positive semidefinite matrices), graph theory, representation theory of groups. In turn it has applications and connections to a wide variety of pure and applied mathematical areas (e.g. low rank matrix completion, graph theory and matroid theory, structural rigidity, analysis of protein structure and function,…) 

Expected participants:

  • John Bowers (James Madison University)
  • James Cruickshank (Galway)
  • Sean Dewar (Linz)
  • Mozhgan Mirzaei (UC San Diego)
  • Tony Nixon (Lancaster)
  • Bernd Schulze (Lancaster)
  • Shinichi Tanigawa (Tokyo)