Organisers: Ángeles Carmona, Maria José Jiménez and Margarida Mitjana


The computation of the Kemeny’s constant  is a classical problem in the theory of  Markov chains and has multiple applications.  The different ways to afford the problem go from Linear Algebra to discrete Potential Theory.  The mean first passage time is closely related to other well–known metrics for graphs and Markov chains.  First, the Kirchhoff index, also known as the effective graph resistance, is a related metric quantifying the distance between pairs of vertices in an electric network. The relationship between electrical networks and random walks on graphs is well–known. For an arbitrary graph, the Kirchhoff index and the Kemeny constant can be calculated from the eigenvalues of the conductance matrix and the transition matrix, respectively.
This minisymposium will give an opportunity to communicate the latest developments in the area and its applications presenting some current research and stimulating new ideas and collaborations, as well as bringing some highlights to its classical properties.

Tentative Speaker List

  • Jane Breen
  • Ángeles Carmona
  • Pavel Chebotarev
  • Karel Devriendt
  • Ernesto Estrada
  • María José Jiménez
  • Steve Kirkland
  • Rob Kooji
  • Enric Monsó
  • José Luis Palacios