Organisers: Kim Batselier (TU Delft), Philippe Dreesen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Bori Hunyadi (TU Delft)

Theme: The talks in this minisymposium will revolve around the application of tensor-based methods on various problems in signal processing, machine learning, and systems and control theory. The focus of the talks will be specifically on the different applications with the common thread being the explicit use of different tensor decompositions. Furthermore, we will host a number of talks on recent theoretical results on existence and uniqueness of tensor approximations.

Tentative Speaker List

  • Evrim Acar
  • Orly Alter
  • Kim Batselier
  • Cong Chen
  • Ignat Domanov
  • Philippe Dreesen
  • Eric Evert
  • Patrick Gelss
  • Bori Hunyadi
  • Irene Ko
  • Gerwald Lichtenberg
  • Clara Menzen
  • Anh-Huy Phan