Map of conference rooms

All lectures will take place at the north end of the main floor of the Arts/Science Building, locally known as the Concourse. To get there from the student residences, follow the main road south, past the Alice Perry Engineering Building on your left and then the Kingfisher Sports Centre on your right, until you see the Bank of Ireland ahead (marked in blue above). Climb the outdoor stairs to the door, or use the lift at the lower level.

We will be using ten rooms, all marked in green in the map above, here are some photographs of them.

All are equipped with a PC that connects to the data projector, which can be used to upload slides from a USB drive.

Speakers may connect their own device to the data projector, via the standard (Type A) HDMI cable provided; if your device does not have a Type A HDMI port you must bring an adamter, or use the desktop. We ask speakers to bring a copy of any slides on a memory stick in any case.

All rooms are also equipped with a whiteboard, which can be used (at least partly) in conjunction with the data projector.

Plenary talks are scheduled in 60-minute slots and will be 45 minutes long, to allow time for discussion and setup. Contributed and minisymposium talks are scheduled in 30-minute slots and will be 20 minutes long, to allow time for discussion, setup, and movement of participants between rooms. It is especially important to stay on schedule during the parallel sessions.

Parking on Campus

If you are staying in Goldcrest Village or Corrib Village, your vehicle can be parked at those locations, any necessary details will be confirmed by the reception staff when you check in. If you wish to part elsewhere on campus, you can avail of paid parking in the blue “Pay and Display” spots in most campus car parks. Alternatively, you can register your vehicle for access to white “regular” parking spots by taking the following steps:

  1. Visit